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Monday, August 13, 2012


What, Where, When

Keeping your mane sane on your wedding day!

Tips for choosing your wedding hairstyle! The most important accessory to the gown.

    • If you are opting to wear your locks down, be aware that of the weather. The last thing you want is sweat or humidity weighing down your curls. 
    • When wearing your hair down--minimal shine products should be used as well as a light hairspray. 90% of the brides i have styled have said that their fiance' requested that their hair look and feel soft (this isn't the 80's)!
    • Hands off! My #1 tip to brides wearing a down-style is to keep your fingers out of your hair (that includes you bridesmaids) The oil from your hands will put a real damper on your curls, waves, smooth style, or crimps? (maybe you're having an 80's themed wedding?)
    • Ballerina bun, chignon, low and loose, beauteous braid... Whichever way you are want your mane pinned up, remember to start with somewhat clean hair. Long ago, someone started a rumor among girls that dirty hair curls better. This is not further than the truth! I have decided that washing AND drying your hair the night before your wedding is ideal. The last thing you want to do is get your hair blow dried on your wedding day--think noise, and sweat. (Do you really want your hair to smell dirty for your wedding night? Ditto for the bridesmaids)
    • How will your up-do look with your veil or tiara? And what about pictures from all angles? Enough said.
    • Research! Have an idea of what you want. Cut out and clip pictures from the internet, magazines, your friends wedding pictures (with permission) Don't get obsessed with one exact way you want it though--your hair texture may be different than Taylor Swift's bouncy ringlets. Know your limitations. 
    • All of the above goes for you too!
    • Note to the bride- give guidelines to your maids but don't make them all look like twins either. We all have differant lengths, textures, and colors. What looks good on your blonde bestie may not look good on your curly haired confidant.
    • Note to the bridesmaids- if the bride ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. Remember to be a supportive, not sassy gal pal.

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