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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Strand by strand Micro link extensions

Why choose Micro lock/ Micro link extensions?

After reviewing all the methods I preferred Micro link Extensions. Micro links can last up to 12 months with 3-4 months maintenance. By having you purchase your own hair from, I feel confident in the quality of the hair. I also use the links made to work with the I-tip hair strands. Silicone lined Micro links are made from aluminum and have silicone on the inside of each bead. These links make for tight application and minimum slippage and also make for painless removal without pulling on the natural hair.

At salons average pricing for strand by strand micro link extensions range from $1200 to $2000 in the Indianapolis area.

My prices are well below the industry average:

$150 for a partial application or a very fine hair application 100 strands or less (adding only fullness to your existing length, or adding highlights/lowlights)

$210 for a full head for normal to thick hair application 140-200+ strands (adding primarily length with fullness)

My prices are extremely competitive and I always include a cut and style. This is the most important step to making extensions look completely natural.

I highly recommend you purchase an extension brush from the website to help care for your extensions.

Contact me with any questions
(317) 643-2341


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