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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Extensions!! Where to start...

Are you ready to add length and or density to your hair?

First off- you need to purchase your hair.

After trying several methods of hair extension, I have had the most satisfaction using the I-Link hair system as well as the Tape-In hair technique (I recommend this for only those with very fine hair). You chose which hair system best suites you as well as the color best matched to your hair. If you have highlights or dimensional color, you may mix and match colors. The hair comes in 20 strand bundles, and a full head takes anywhere from 120-150 strands, so 6-8 bundles. It is better to have ordered too much hair than too little, so if you are not sure order an extra bundle. 

Only order I-Tipped hair for the I-link application. 90% of my clients prefer this method over Tape-In unless you have very fine textured hair. I am more than happy to assist you in choosing which color best suits you, just contact me at 317-643-2341

As soon as your hair arrives, we will set up a appointment to apply your hair extensions. Yipee!

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